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Buying Vehicles

Selling your vehicle privately is a hassle. The common routine for a private car sale involves advertising, which costs money if you want to reach a larger audience. Free advertisement sources are often flooded with dealer and private owner sales and advertisements, leaving your listing lost in the mix

Some advertisement sources that reach a larger audience either limit the amount of pictures you add or charge for adding additional photos. Lacking pictures for your advertisement may cause potential buyers to skip your listing.

After your car or truck is listed, calls and emails often pour in, sometimes by "tire kickers," who have no interest in actually buying the car or looking at it, but prefer to ask questions instead. Possible buyers and complete strangers will have to drive your car to make a purchase decision. Some buyers might want to take the car to their mechanic, which requires your time. Other buyers may ask for specific pictures to view the engine, trunk or under carriage. This is time consuming, unnecessary and a result of buyers preferring to shop from home, which requires extra effort and more time on your part.

You don't have to deal with any of this. Selling your car to a chosen buyer removes the stress from the sale. Instead of letting multiple people drive your car, it s inspected and appraised by just one person. In some private sales, the buyer must arrange for financing or transfer money to obtain a check for the car's purchase. If you decide to wait for a buyer to get her purchase money in order, she may still cancel the sale, leaving you to re-advertise the vehicle and start the process all over again.

Our purchase process is simple. Once we decide on a price, we pay you and promptly complete the paperwork. It isn't necessary to take numerous pictures of your vehicle and pay for advertising when you already have a buyer ready to purchase. You'll save time when you don't have to answer the phone or emails from buyers asking questions about your car's engine, accident history and tire tread.