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Selling your car is often a very stressful process. Driving from one car dealership to another can waste a lot of your time. It can also be quite frustrating. Dealers, or any private party you might sell the car to, will often do everything they can to get a very low price from you, even if it's below what is reasonable


Top Dollar For Your Used Car Somewhere in the middle of trying to restore that old beat up "classic car," life happened and now all you have is a hunk of junk sitting in your driveway or backyard. Guess what? Cash for cars Portland will pay you cash for that old junker and even haul it away for you.


Selling your vehicle privately is a hassle. The common routine for a private car sale involves advertising, which costs money if you want to reach a larger audience. Free advertisement sources are often flooded with dealer and private owner sales and advertisements, leaving your listing lost in the mix.


Drivers that have older cars no longer in use have many problems trying get rid of these vehicles. The average person that is searching for an automobile has little use for a car that may not be safe to operate.

Do you know of any other places that will buy my car?

Once in awhile individuals ask us- are there any other places like you that buy cars. If you're in Portland we are the place to go to sell your car so we don't really have any suggestions in the Portland Area. But, if you are not in Portland, and happen to be in the La Jolla area we highly suggest you check out cash for cars in La Jolla. They will gladly help you sell your vehicle- and let them know we sent you!